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HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

Tom Haddad
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HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

Ok..this is basic HPUX administration 101...

I performed an LL on a directory and noticed s subir and file...both with same name
I want to copy the file to another location..

How does the cp determine (or even the mv command) which to perform the operation on?

yea...I had to asked the question!!!
James R. Ferguson
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Re: HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

Hi Tim:

You have non-printing characters in either the file name or the directory name. You can expose them with:

# ls -lb

If you then use the inode number from:

# ls -il can rename ('mv') :

# cd /path && find . -xdev -type f -inum -exec mv {} mynewfile \;


Mike Miller_8
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Re: HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

Issue the "ll -il" command and locate the inum value. Issue the "find . -inum #### -exec rm {} \;" command to remove the file.
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Re: HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

yeah, it's junk in your file name.

you can do a:

ls | od -c

to see the two file names are different.

I use "mv -i" to fix stuff like this.

Just use 'mv -i samefile newfile' command.
Answer yes to the first, no to the second.

Now, you've got two different file names, which helps a lot.

Now do

ls | od -c

to see if you've fixed the problem already, or if samefile still has junk in it. Keep in mind that you had a 50/50 chance of fixing the issue in the previous command.

If it does, run "mv -i ./*samefile* anotherfilename"
and answer yes to your command.

At this point, you should have two different names, both clean. One a directory, one a file, fix them both like you'd like have them finally be represented.

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Tom Haddad
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Re: HPUX - basic cp command 11iv2

ll on the inode worked fine.thanks!!