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High system memroy usage

Lovro VRES

High system memroy usage


I have HP-UX 11.31 system with 10 Gb of RAM. I got message from Oracle that Memory usage is about 97%. When I checked with glance, I noticed that Sys Mem is quite high, becaue it is about 3,% Gb. Here is the output:
Total VM : 7.2gb Sys Mem : 3.5gb User Mem: 4.6gb Phys Mem : 10.0gb
Active VM: 4.6gb Buf Cache: 1mb Free Mem: 393mb FileCache: 1.4gb

Why system is using so much system memory?

Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: High system memroy usage

If this is purely a DB server then you can recover the 1.4GB of file cache by reducing the it to 3% for min and max

kctune|grep filecache

to see currentl settings.

give the ram to the DB.

SysMem beingng at 3.5 ( almost 30% of total).

yep 11.31 is a wild on memory .. search this forum for many dicussions on reducing.