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How do I calim a disk?

Sivasingam Santhakumar
Frequent Advisor

How do I calim a disk?

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Alpha 20DSE running Tru64 5.1 configured with following disks (volprint -htl out put):

Group: rootdg
info: dgid=991463965.1026.alphads20e
copies: nconfig=default nlog=default
minors: >= 0

Disk: disk02
info: diskid=992067280.1244.alphads20e
assoc: device=dsk2 type=sliced
device: pubpath=/dev/disk/dsk2g privpath=/dev/disk/dsk2h
devinfo: publen=71127888 privlen=4096

Disk: disk03
info: diskid=992067281.1249.alphads20e
assoc: device=dsk3 type=sliced
device: pubpath=/dev/disk/dsk3g privpath=/dev/disk/dsk3h
devinfo: publen=71127888 privlen=4096

Disk: disk04
info: diskid=1001658416.1372.alphads20e
assoc: device=dsk4 type=sliced
flags: spare
device: pubpath=/dev/disk/dsk4g privpath=/dev/disk/dsk4h
devinfo: publen=71127888 privlen=4096

disk04 is marked as spare. How could I use it? (ie make file systems and mount)

Abdul Rahiman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How do I calim a disk?

I think you can use the voledit command to turn off the spare flag set on the disk04.
I hope it would be soemthing like this,

voledit -g rootdg -d disk04 set spare=off

This should reclaim the disk disk04 for you.
Please refer the man pages for voledit, before you proceed.

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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I calim a disk?

a spare is important in case of disk failure, so if you will remove you must manual interact in case of a problem (disk failure etc.)
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }