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How is the secuence when one user is log in?

Carme Torca
Super Advisor

How is the secuence when one user is log in?



I have one problem with one user in one server.

When I create one user with home in /home there are no problem, but when I create one user in one home with NAS


netap2b:/vol/ProSalutWS /export/home nfs rw,suid 0 0


                   8388608 6520440 1868168   78% /export/home


I can not login in.

The .profile that no returns the prompt, it hangs up.


15]su - ccl-4
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Is it possible to known the secuence in one users when it log in? It's possible to put it in debug?

Any idea?








Users are not too bad ;-)

Re: How is the sequence when one user is log in?

>Is it possible to know the sequence in one user when it log in? It's possible to put it in debug?


You can add "set -x" to your ~/.profile.  Or to /etc/profile if you need to see if it got to ~/.profile.