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How to export display to putty tool

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How to export display to putty tool


In my environment we have hpux, redhat and suse linux.

Normally we are using putty tool to connect terminal.

But i want to bring GUI (display) using putty.

For that my manager told. that we have to export display in server and we have to run xmanager in client then thru putty tool we can get GUI mode.

pls help me. how to set this.

pls explain step by step.
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: How to export display to putty tool

Senthil, Check in this link..
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Alex Glennie
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Re: How to export display to putty tool

login to serverA via putty

echo $DISPLAY (most likely not set).

Login to serverA via xmanager ( I have no idea if this is running on a pc or linux server) but
check the DISPLAY variable is set to the local system in my case it would be pcname.domainname:0.0

go back to putty ....

export DISPLAY = pcname.domainname:0.0

from putty you should now be able to run say xclock and the gui will appear within xmanager app providing hostname and ip's resolve all ok.

if that fails why not ask your manager ;-)

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Re: How to export display to putty tool

I use Putty and Cygwin to start Xwindow. And I used to use Putty and Exceed on Demand to start Xwindow. Both of them work fine.
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Re: How to export display to putty tool

I assume:
- you're using some Windows OS in your workstation
- you are using PuTTY's SSH mode to connect

1.) Start xmanager

2.) Start putty, but don't open a connection yet. If you have a pre-defined session, load it but don't click "Open" yet.

3.) In Putty configuration, select Connection -> SSH -> X11 -> Enable X11 Forwarding.

4.) Now click "Open" at the bottom of the Putty configuration dialog.

5.) Log in as normal.
There may be an extra message like:

/usr/bin/X11/xauth: creating new authority file /home//.Xauthority

This is normal, if you haven't used PuTTY's X11 forwarding before. It is information only, not an error.

6.) Start GUI applications as necessary. (For testing, I usually start something simple first, like "xclock &" or "xterm &".)

Note: When you use PuTTY's "Enable X11 forwarding" function, there is no need to set and export the DISPLAY environment variable manually: PuTTY and the server's sshd daemon will do it for you. The DISPLAY environment variable may seem strange, but it works!

Note 2: In this configuration, PuTTY is only acting as a smart data transport channel for X11 GUI applications. The xmanager on your workstation draws the GUI windows and does most of the work related to them.

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Re: How to export display to putty tool

It is possbile

Open X-manager Passive
Then open putty and connect to the server

export DISPLAY=:0.1

# xclock&
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Re: How to export display to putty tool

note that in addition to the above, you need to insure that X11forwarding is enabled for PuTTY and the server you are connecting to. You also need to find out if Xoffset is used, it usually is and the dafault is 10, but you'll need to confirm that.

also, some versions of sshd use "localhost:10.0" instead of the "pcname:10.0" for DISPLAY variable.

All of this assumes you have X emulator (Exceed, Reflection X, Cygwin X or similar) on the PC. if not, you'll need them as well. Later versions of Exceed have ssh support builtin (others may as well), but the earlier versions required to login via PuTTY and then start Exceed in passive mode and manually start X. all that depends on the x emulator you have installed locally
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Re: How to export display to putty tool

May sound to be repetative of what all said above..but what we do here is, enabled X11 forwarding in ssh and we use "reflection X" tool to see GUI. Once we have this set when ever you issue commands in you putty the relevant GUI will open up in reflections.

You should be able to use the same. But you need to choose on what you want to use for GUI. It depends on your corporate standad tool.

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