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How to replace a failed (alternate) mirror disk


How to replace a failed (alternate) mirror disk


I am new to Linux but very familiar with HPUX.
I have an HP Blade server BL20p running Windows 2K on 3- virtual servers created with VMWARE ESX 2.x sitting on Linux OS. The alternate disk has failed and I need to replace it with a new disk and mirror the primary back to it.

I removed the failed disk and inserted a new disk, but did not see any activity light on the new disk, it is just sitting there doing not.

Can someone assist in putting me through the right process and steps/commands to follow/use in replacing a failed disk in this kind of environment?

Thank you.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: How to replace a failed (alternate) mirror disk

Hi Gbenga,

You need to ascertain exactly how the disks in the server are mirrored. As its a BL20p, then the 2 drives are probably attached to the internal SmartArray controller, and configured as a RAID-1 mirror.

Assuming that is the case, then all you should need to do is to replace the failed drive and the mirror should start rebuilding by itself... It sounds like you've done that already but something isn't quite working as it should.

If you can, try connecting to the servers iLO port. That should give you some more information as to what's happening with the array controller.



P.S. vmware doesn't sit on top of Linux...

Re: How to replace a failed (alternate) mirror disk

Thank you for quick response.

What I mean by vmware sitting on Linux is that, I connected to the management port in front of the Blade server with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, it displays the VMWARE ESX 2.X info screen on which it says also that, I can press Alt-F2 to go to the Console.

So, I press Alt-F2 and it took me to the Linux prompt, that is why I said it is sitting on Linux.

At this point, what do I need to do, since it did not automatically start its rebuild process?