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How to vgexport and vgimport in Linux

Md. Minhaz Khan
Super Advisor

How to vgexport and vgimport in Linux

I'm trying to do a vgexport/vgimport between two SLES 10 boxes connecting to an Equallogic SAN. I'd like to have a map file between the two using this commmand:

vgexport -m vgoracle.map oracle
vgexport: invalid option -- m

Does anybody know how to get a map file of a volume group using SLES? The -m works in HP-UX which is what I am migrating from.

In HP-UX i can able to perform:

vgexport -p -s -v -m /tmp/vgdata1202.map /dev/vgdata

vgimport -s -v -m /tmp/vgata1202.map /dev/vgdata

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Re: How to vgexport and vgimport in Linux

Hi Minhaz,

you can check below link for vgexport/vgimport in linux

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Re: How to vgexport and vgimport in Linux

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Re: How to vgexport and vgimport in Linux

Linux does not use map files.

In HP-UX, an exported VG is nameless and the name must be defined when re-importing it. In Linux, the VG name is stored in the VG metadata and stays with it.

(If you need to rename a VG in Linux, there is a "vgrename" command for that. If you have two VGs with the same name on the same host, you can use VG UUIDs to uniquely identify the VGs. The UUID is visible in the vgdisplay listing.)

To make the VG known in the new host, just use "vgscan" (maybe as "vgscan -v" so you get some feedback). If udev is used (as usual with a 2.6 series kernel today) the device files associated with the VG and its LVs are created automatically when the VG is activated (vgchange -a y) and removed when the VG is deactivated.

(When using the LVM2 of Linux 2.6 kernel series for the first time, I spent a while wondering why the device files did not appear when I ran vgscan. :-)