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Implement Disaster recovery server


Implement Disaster recovery server

Dear All,
We have two server, PRD server rx4640 & DR server rx2600. We have hp-ux 11.23 & SAP r/3 on both of these. We have SAP running on PRd server. I want to use this 2nd server as DR server in such a manner that if anythng goes wrong with main PRD server then user on PRD automatically shift to DR server. Plz suggest me the step by step process & also tell me the script to online transfer of archive files from PRD to DRS.

Thansk in advance.

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Re: Implement Disaster recovery server

Dear Ankit.

one solution is to setup a MC/Serviceguard cluster between these two servers.

In this case we have redundant
1) Power supplies
2) nodes
3) LAN Cards

If the PRD server is down (planned or unplanned) then the applications are automatically run on the DR server. The users wont even know about this.

Let me know if you need detail steps on this.

Re: Implement Disaster recovery server

Actually, the location of both the server is also differrent. We have lease line to connect both the server.

Mel Burslan
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Re: Implement Disaster recovery server

You can do this with custom home made scripts sure, but if you are expecting anyone here to provide you such scripts, your chances are pretty low. Because, anyone in your situation, runs their SAP implementation on a serviceguard metro or wide are cluster. Serviceguard is an application that runs on HPUX and does pretty much what you want to do. It is not free or cheap by any means but if your company values their business to purchase/license SAP R/3, they should be well aware of the cost of business continuity if they are not already.

On a side note, I am not sure if you want to have a workstation class machine, i.e., rx2600, as your DR server. If I were you or the person in charge of SAP implementation, I'd spend a little more and get at least a low end server class machine like rx3600 series with more capacity, but this is not the matter of this discussion, just an observation and suggestion.
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