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Issue with EMS monitoring system.


Issue with EMS monitoring system.


I am facing a issue while registering my lan interfaces with EMS system after installing the PHSS_38021.It failed for error message poinitng to "registrator failed". In the syslogs, there is no error logged but in the registrar.log, i could see

"ProcessID: 5027 /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/registrar Log Level : Error"
"Cannot find monitor file to excec".

Just to notify you that i have stopped the lanmond for troubleshooting sometime back But after rebooting the system this deamon is up and running.

It's a HP-UX11.23 box "ia64 hp server rx2660"

Could you please help ?

Best Regards
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Issue with EMS monitoring system.

Shalom Sudhir,

1) Check the validity of the message. See if the file /integration/HWE0609/11.23_IA/usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/tool/monitor/dm_fc_sw is present or not.

2) See about running through the configuration of the interface again.

3)Consider if practical removing the patch PHSS_38021, as it may have been the cause.

4) Note the error message refers to the HWE0609 the Hardware Enablement patch set from June of 2009. If this has been recently removed or replaced, that may be the source of the error.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Shinji Teragaito_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Issue with EMS monitoring system.


I don't think PHSS_38021 for OV EMANATE is directly related to your
problem. Anyway your problem has been fixed in PHSS_35807:

s700_800 11.23 Support Tool Manager Sep 2006

11) DTS JAGag16166 SR 8606460100
Following message gets logged to api.log on the
systems where dm_fc_hub and dm_fc_sw monitors are
supposed to run.
---------------Start Event-----------------
Event 1180 occurred at Wed Aug 16 10:12:17.032602 2006
Process ID: 2399 (/etc/opt/resmon/lbin/registrar)
Log Level: Error
process_subclass_request: Cannot find monitor file
/usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/tools/monitor/dm_fc_hub) to exec
--------------End Event-------------------
More information on the monitors can be found at the
following link.

Hope this helps you,