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License Server

David Willams
Super Advisor

License Server

What is a License Server... I keep hearing that 10 license daemons are stored in this servers and 100 license daemons in some other.

I have never heard of this term before...
Esteemed Contributor

Re: License Server

Unfortunately not enough information to help you with...
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Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: License Server

> What is a License Server...

Is that a question????

Is Google broken? If a search for, say,
"license server"
lacks specificity, then you might try, say:
David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: License Server

"flexlm" helps ... thank you

My next silly Q:May be this is too generic

How are these servers Installed in an Environment???? namely as standalone servers or virtual servers ???

and on which OS are these generally/widely implemented hp-ux/aix/solaris/linux/windows ????

Honored Contributor

Re: License Server

I think these questions, you can search answer in google itself. Do a search for what is standalone and what is virtual server.

one answer for your query.

Btw, for virtualization or standalone, any OS can be utilized.

Ps: assign points too.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: License Server

>> I keep hearing that 10 license daemons are stored in this servers ...

Who is telling this? Maybe the person know more details ...?

In general, some applications are using a license server (daemon); if you start such an application, the app get a license from these server. So you can run this application on 10 different systems, but not on 11 for example.

A more specific question would give more specific answers ...

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: License Server


hpux used to be licensed for number of users able to login for example.

You started with a 2 user lic and then upgraded to 8,16,32 or 100 or something along those lines. Then only that many users could login and use the system. so you ended up with people hving to log off so someone else could do something.

MPE os was also like this

So perhaps whoever is telling you this means something along this line?

David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: License Server

like Mr.Rutter mentioned I have 10 user license's one license server A and 30 on Server B and 45 each on Server C & D.the utilization of resources on each of these servers is very low like cpu,mem,disk,processes etc...

When the utilization is so low, I do not want to waste 4 servers for all of these, instead I will just have a VM Host and have 4 VM guests in it.And then migrate all the four to just One server, so that I can use the rest for a different purpose.

Migration will be simple cos OS & h/w are the same.

Is this something that can be implemented???
Any Pro's/Con's ???
Risks ???