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Linux patch question

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Re: Linux patch question

As posted above already:

-To check for updates for every package in the system:
# yum check-update

-To check for updates for a single package:
# yum check-update |grep packagename
If you were looking for updates for the "patch" package:
# yum check-update |grep patch

-To update the whole system:
# yum update

-To update a single package:
# yum update packagename

Refer to the yum documentation:
# man yum
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Re: Linux patch question

Thanks a lot
Learning ...
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Re: Linux patch question

Hi again,

I believe the format command I gave will work for Suse.

Note: yum installs will still show up on rpm -qa reports, yum is merely a very helpful front end for rpm.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation