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MEMORY UTILIZATION 97 % on HP-UX BOX. ..Need Help...


MEMORY UTILIZATION 97 % on HP-UX BOX. ..Need Help...

Hi ,


Memory utilization showing 97% on HP-UX box.


What could be the reason ?


What needs to be checked from O.S end ?


Can anybody assisst me How to make the memory utilization below 97% ?


B3692A GlancePlus C.03.58.00    13:16:41 bulgaria 9000/800                                                                          Current  Avg  High
CPU  Util   S          SU    U                                                                                                       | 15%    5%   19%
Disk Util   F    FV                                                                                                                  |  6%    6%   14%
Mem  Util   S                                    SU                                        UB                                  B     | 98%   97%   98%
Swap Util   U                                 UR               R                                                                     | 43%   43%   43%







Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: MEMORY UTILIZATION 97 % on HP-UX BOX. ..Need Help...

First, do you really need to decrease RAM usage, or are you making use of that which you have on the system?  Is the system performing poorly?  Are you paging out?  What does 'swapinfo -tam' report?


It looks like you are about evenly split between system, user and buffer cache usage of RAM. 


To decrease memory usage you can -- 1) Run fewer processes 2) Adjust buffer cache so it uses less RAM.


There are different ways to decrease buffer cache depending on the version of HP-UX you are running.
  If you are running 11.23 or earlier -- dbc_max_pct controls the MAXIMUM amount of RAM (as a percentage) that buffer cache can use.  If you are running 11.31 then filecache_max controls it.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: MEMORY UTILIZATION 97 % on HP-UX BOX. ..Need Help...



Patrick wisely points out the low hanging fruit with regards to cutting memory use.


Does vmstat show significant paging? Just because the memory is used does not mean it is impacting system performance.


Another easy way to cut memory use is to convince (with shock awe fear and perhaps brandishing a louisville slugger) your DBA team to reduce Oracle's SGA use.





Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation