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Making Linux machine available online.

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Making Linux machine available online.

Hi All,

I have a Red hat Linux 5 installed on a Virtual machine on my PC. I can go online from that Linux machine. I Need to connect to this machine from outside, like office, friends place etc... I should be able to TELNET from outside to get connected to this.

I have started learning Linux now only.

The set up is this. I have an ADSL Modem/Router which gives a private IP to my PC and another private IP in the same subnet to this LINUX virtual machine.

Can you please guide me to do the necessary steps to make this Linux machine available to me from outside also. I guess this will be a very good learning for me. Thanks.
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: Making Linux machine available online.

Check this manual to go ahead
For HP Online Case Logging-->
Steven Schweda
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Re: Making Linux machine available online.

> [...] I have an ADSL Modem/Router [...]

The outside world sees only your router, so
your router needs to know what to do with the
Telnet (or HTTP, or SSH, or ...) traffic.

You need to configure the router's NAT/PAT
to pass Telnet connections (port 23) to the
Linux system. This will be easier and more
reliable if the Linux system has a static IP
address, not a DHCP address assigned by the

First, make sure that you can Telnet to the
Linux system from your PC. (Telnet could be
disabled on the Linux system.) Then start
reading the router's manual to see how to
get it to pass the Telnet requests to the
desired system.

The task is similar for access to other
services (HTTP (port 80), SSH (port 22), and
so on). See /etc/services for the port
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Re: Making Linux machine available online.

Thanks guys..

I will check this out and get back to you.. In the mean time if you have any inputs you kindly let me know about it.. Many thanks..

Nuwan Alwis
Valued Contributor

Re: Making Linux machine available online.

Hi Joewee,
You have most of the information you need to make your requirement work.
in simple

1)Forward any SSH,Telnet request to your router(public IP) to your linux VMs IP.
This can be done on many home ADSL routers through its web console.
check under PORT FORWARDING or VIRTUAL SERVER menu on the routers web console. I found these menus in most routers.

2)Linux also has its firewall running so remember to configure it to enable SSH and Telnet.
I don't recommend to turn your firewall off if you publish a machine to outside world.

Good Luck..!