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Memory Page out

David Willams
Super Advisor

Memory Page out

1.What does memory page out mean,

2.what if it is high like 2.2 always and what if this is high only once or twice in a day... what does it mean
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Re: Memory Page out

>.what if it is high like 2.2 always ??

Please explain that a bit !!

Do read these threads.


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Ismail Azad
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Re: Memory Page out


"Page out" refers to a page that has been transferred from you RAM to swap space. If "paging activity" is high and the virtual memory subsystem continuosly pages in and pages out processes then, the system is said to be in a "thrashing" condition.

If your system is "thrashing" then, purchasing more RAM would be one approach. When you talk about "thrashing", the swapper daemon comes into the picture which is a daemon that starts very early in the booting process, even before init!

Ismail Azad
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Rita C Workman
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Re: Memory Page out

Paging out can be cause by a number of things, here's a few:

Poorly written program/querries.
Application not properly releasing resources when done.
Poorly tune kernel parms.
Not enough physical memory to meet demand.


Emil Velez
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Re: Memory Page out

IF it happends occasionally that usually means that your systems is running low on memory and close to out of memory.

You are on the boarder. Why not look at your long term performance agent data and see how much memory your sytem has free.

look at these parameters

or on 11.31

if these parameters are set to 50% of memory you really need to lower these.

THis is your file cache. I suggest that you lower this number a few percent and see if your system continues to be low on memory.

The filecache max is the maximum amount of memory used by the filecache.

you do not want to run low on memory since everything slows down and paging occasionally happens.

Good luck