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Memory leak problem in my program


Memory leak problem in my program

I detect my program which has memory leak program,so I need memory leak tools to identify it.
I serach this forum.there are some memory leak tool for hp ux like Electric Fence WDB,dmalloc purify
my os is hp ux 11.31 and 11.11
I use dmalloc in my program,but when i use it ,it didn't show any memory use detail
but i try simple program which can show if it has memory leak
my command like this
aCC -o cpu CHpuxHimCPU.cpp TestCPU.cpp ../CHimCPU.cpp ../AssetXML.cpp ../Markup.cpp -DDMALLOC -DDMALLOC_FUNC_CHECK -DMARKUP_STDCONV -AA -L/usr/local/lib -ldmalloc

does it have any memory leak tools ,it is free and it can run on 11.31 and 11.11


Re: Memory leak problem in my program

You should be using wdb's leak detection commands:
(gdb) set heap-check on

Then later:
(gdb) info leaks