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Multiple Paths to disks

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Multiple Paths to disks


I have got a Linux server, which has 6 disk devices, I am suspecting it has only 3 disks but through two channels each. How can I check if these are alternate links. I don't have EMC power path or Veritas DMP. Just linux with 6 disk devices.

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple Paths to disks

Edit /etc/scsi_id.config and verify that you have commented out:


Get the UUID for the devices with:

scsi_id -g -s /block/sdc

The result of the command above represents the device's UUID.

If you have two devices with the sam UUID, then they are multiple paths to the same disk.

If you have Qlogic HBA, you can use the multipath feature of the driver.
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