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NETBACKUP client upgrade

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NETBACKUP client upgrade

I inherited an HPUX 11.11 server. It is currently has a netbackup client with version 5.X something. I need to upgrade to 6.5.5. I am not sure which packets I should install and where to get them? I found the NB_CLT_6.5.5.tar but it is 1.2gig. Is it the right one for it?

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Re: NETBACKUP client upgrade

It probably is the right package for you.

For some reason, Netbackup clients for all architectures are packaged together. So in the package, you'll find Netbackup clients not only for HP-UX/PA-RISC and HP-UX/Itanium, but also for Solaris, Linux, SCO, etc. That's what makes the package so big.

It is possible to "slim down" the client package by deleting the architectures you don't need. You'll need some place with enough disk space to extract the full package. It contains a multi-level directory hierarchy, with the main branches named like "anb" and "catalog" if I remember correctly. In the "anb" branch, there's a sub-directory for each architecture, and in the "catalog" branch there are some files that control the installation script. Just delete the architecture sub-directories you don't need from the "anb" branch, and the corresponding catalog files from the "catalog" branch. Then you can re-package the installer, now in more manageable size :)