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Nic cards usage in the kickstart file

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Nic cards usage in the kickstart file

The destination client for the kickstart server has eth2 and eth3 ethernet cards available. So in order to work the kickstart profile, which cards I should be using for the ipaddresses. Do I need to use eth0 and eth1 or eth2 and eth3.

The problem I had was, since kickstart profile uses for eth0, manually I selected eth2, then it build the server, however I had eth0 + eth2 as bond1 and eth1 + eth3 as bond2. After building the server, when I logged in, I noticed, eth0 and eth1 configured. I created this file ahead we got our servers shipped(IBM Xseries), so thats why I created the kickstart profile with 4 nic cards.

So in this case, how should I create the profile to use eth2 and eth3?
Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

Re: Nic cards usage in the kickstart file

I don't quite get what you mean, but it looks like the iface over which you perform the network boot doesn't seem to be the same after you load anaconda.
I normally use the kernel option " ksdevice=bootif" to force kickstart to use the boot interface.
We later replace the "network" statement on ks.cfg with a %include , and a piece of script that parses /tmp/netinfo for the right interface.