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Not able to boot in single user mode

Occasional Contributor

Not able to boot in single user mode

Hi All


I am trying to boot the HP-UX server in single mode boot from boot loader prompt but its stuck after executing insf commands .

From earlier output when single user mode was working fine , I could make out that its not executing the 3 INIT commands this time due to which I am not getting the prompt . I tried maintenance mode boot as well but same results

INIT: Overriding default level with level 's'


INIT: Running /sbin/sh


I don't have an ignite backup or DVD . is there any way out ??


Below is the screenshot from maintenance mode boot


UX:vxfs fsck: ERROR: V-3-20003: /dev/vg00/lvol1:Cannot open /dev/vg00/lvol1: No such device or address
/dev/vg00/lvol1:file system check failure, aborting ...
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-20003: Cannot open /dev/vg00/lvol1: No such device or address
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-24996: Unable to get disk layout version
Unable to mount /stand - please check entries in /etc/fstab
Skipping KRS database initialization - /stand can't be mounted

Starting EMC PowerPath.
/dev/emcp: No such device
Starting EMC PowerPath Failed


Its stuck at this point .

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Not able to boot in single user mode

It appears that your boot disk has failed.
You can try reseating the disk since it appears that it is not communicating.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin