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OS Performance Counter

unix fan
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OS Performance Counter


I would like to know "exactly the size of the data written by the OS in a single write request".
Which performance counter will help me to find out the current status in HP-UX 11.31?

Can anybody help me?

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Re: OS Performance Counter

Hi ,

I guess this is define by a kernel parameter but i don't know which one it is . But i think google could be your friend :-)

Kctune hpux command give you the list of tunable kernel parameter .

I hope have a little beat reply to your question ,

Regards ,
Emil Velez
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Re: OS Performance Counter

check out vxtunefs /

if you are talking about file system writes

if you want raw I/Os then you have to get I/Os per disk that you can get from glance or measureware across time.

sar -d 5 5