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Oracle stop development on itanium

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


Apologies if the tone and manner of my postings above seem to offend you and I am pretty sure "some". But I stand by my words - X86 systems (LINUX and hmm) are less complex and offer far reacher HA, clustering and manageability at a lower cost than their RISC based cousins. And THIS amigos is the very reason there's been (and will continue) a serious UNIX away migration over the last 3 years.

As to the overpaid Admins comment - it is true, UNIX Admins (HP-UX and AIX specially)still command the higher pay grade than their Linux counterparts and Corporates are "noticing". For UNIX admins though - it's been largely easier to make the transition to easier managed, less complex X86 Linux systems.

Hey - MEL and SEP were quoted in in a Computerworld Article today... Kudos to these 2 gents!

Here's the article:

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

I found this link from enterprisedb blog.

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Really great.

Since 90% of the software we run is home-made, we aren't married to Oracel at all. And something like EnterpriseDB is in fact what I've been looking for for years. I only didn't look at it enough in the past.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


as said linux starts adressing mission critical services more, here is the link that compares linux and hp-ux with some criterias.(ok it's a paper that hp wanted to be written)
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


To be honest, when we last invested in HP Integrity servers, prices were not that much higher than prices for Linux/x86.
And compared to what we yearly have to pay for software support, hardware prices are irrelevant.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll about which alternatives might be considered for Oracle on HP-UX. I received 66 responses, which broke down as follows:

32% - Oracle on some other server platform (not Sun)
27% - IBM DB2 on HP-UX
26% - Other relational database
6% - Oracle on Sun servers
3% - Microsoft SQL Server
3% - Other database designed for unstructured data

Here is a link to the blog I posted with my analysis of the data:

Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss this further.


Tony Iams
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

If I can't run Oracle on Itanium, then HPUX is totally useless to me. I manage a shop of multiple Superdomes running HPUX/Oracle 10g/SAP.

We have already started discussions on migrating out of HPUX to the x86 platform. I am no longer tied to HP since everybody else sells x86 anyway. As a customer I get better pricing. I really like HPUX, but more often enough it is economics that wins over technical. Integrity Superdomes & HPUX are just too expensive to maintain. Superdome equates to SuperExpensive.

HPUX is dying slowing. Good move by Oracle.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Somewhere I heard the percentage of linux and windows on Itanium was less than 5 percent, so the decision of MS and RH was reasonable.

But of course the percentage of oracle on itanium (on hp-ux) is so much higher.

I think oracle makes still good money with their products on hp-ux.

They say they stop develeopment, but isn't it stopping porting to itanium instead?

From what I heard the Integrity hardware is considerably less expensive compared to predecessors (e.g. todays Blades; Superdome 2 vs. Superdome), because they share many parts with the proliant / C-class blade family.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

HP need to acquire SAP or make their own DB to compete with oracleDB. No point porting HPUX to x86. If its ported, we consider other better hardware platform like IBM or even sparc. we buy HP hardware only for their high reliability. Cannot run MC apps on cheap x86.

I hate linux, whether RHEL or Oracle Linux. Its too immature/unstable OS to handle Mission critical apps. Linux is a rubbish OS suitable just for playing and learning for kids only.

Any lastly, it was evident that oracle acquired sun for Hardware and Java, not for mysql, ( contrary to the agenda in EU to stop the deal). vendors should have raised this issue that time in EU, of competition killing when HW/OS/DB/apps all coming from same vendor.

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

> HP need to acquire SAP or make their own DB to compete with oracleDB.

I am afraid that it won't be a solution. The saying here is that the most DBAs are knowing only Oracle, and they wouldn't migrate to another database. They also cannot just change the whole DBA staff. But I'm not sure how it looks abroad, especially outside of Europe?
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