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Re: PV name in /dev/mapper format in SLES 10 SP2

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PV name in /dev/mapper format in SLES 10 SP2

i want to have PV name in /dev/mapper/* format
in SLES10 SP2.

pls tell me the lvm.conf settings required for that
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Re: PV name in /dev/mapper format in SLES 10 SP2

Your *PV*s can be in /dev/mapper/* format only if they are something other than simple disks, e.g. software RAID arrays, encrypted volumes or multipathed disks. So what are they?

Check the "preferred_names" setting in the "devices" section of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.

If there is a default preferred_names setting, comment it out, and write another line like this instead:

preferred_names = [ "^/dev/mapper/" ]

Then run "vgscan -vvvv" to regenerate the LVM metadata cache, and check that all the disk devices are displayed using the names you like.

If necessary, you can list multiple name prefixes in the preferred_names line, in order of preference: the default lvm.conf file usually has at least one or two examples commented out.