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Print server issue

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Print server issue

Dear Experts

I have a rhel4 box, connecet with HP laser 1150 printer.
Now, is it possible that, from windows xp machines, I can print docs.. how ? plz help/guide me.

Second issue
I have a windows xp machine, configured as a print server(Lexmark E220 printer), i can print docs from any other windows xp. Now is it possible that I can print doc from rhl box ?... if yes how ? plz help.
Rasheed Tamton
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Re: Print server issue

Hi Maaz,

Did you check the samba. This will give you the solution for both of your issues.
Other one is to check the HP Jetadmin software.

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Re: Print server issue

If I understant this, then you have a printer HP 1150 phisicaly connected to a system running Redhat and xp system that act as print server, on the xp print server there is a Lexmark E220, and you want to know how to print from both system (XP's' redhat) to all these printers...

You could use SMB (Samba is able use/manage SMB protocole on the linux) this is normaly already running on your XP (click on file and print sharing in network setup)

so on the Redhat system you should set up samba (edit/modify /etc/smb.conf) ans start service smb

The set up af samba realy depend on how you want to set up your environment. for this we do not know enought about the whole picture.

so my best advice would be find out a little about sambz on also search here in forum for entry's on smb.conf,, if you still have some issue with this then ask for some more detailed informations from here.

Jean-Pierre Huc
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Re: Print server issue

For 1st issue
U have to configure the printer thru samba.
For this u have to install the samba rpm..
Then configure the printer in printer section of /etc/samba/smb.conf file.(or)u can try system-config-samba,but this will work only if u have graphical mode..
Give the necessary permission to acces the printer to the users or share printer to the network users.
Restart the samba service.
For second issue:

revert back with ur findings.

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Re: Print server issue

Thank Dear Rasheed Tamton, Huc, palaniappan.sp for help.
HUC you understand my scenario 100%.

Ok, I know that samba is the sol, but i am not able to understand the docs :(, I even tried to follow different docs, but failed to implelment.

i have to config the serve using smb.conf, because x is totally banned.

what I need is please provide me the samba config, so that I can acheive my goal

Thanks n Regards
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Re: Print server issue

It is not easy to give you an answer as the smb.conf depends very much on your environment and this can be a long process.

but the good news is you should already have an smb.conf ... on fedora/redhat this is found in

# /etc/samba/smb.conf
read this file using man smb.conf where not clear.

these are option genaraly change/adapted so to run in your environment

workgroup = mygroup
server string = My Samba Server
load printers = yes
cups options = raw
smb ports = 139 # allow this port on firewall this works like version 2.*
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size = 50
dns proxy = no
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
comment = Home Directories
browseable = no
writeable = yes

comment = All Printers
path = /usr/spool/samba
browseable = no
printable = yes
path = /home/mygroup/Transition
browseable = yes
guest ok = yes


So try adapt above to your need/env

Then start samba with

#service smb start

check in log file to see what has been logged
that is check all files under /var/log/samba/ make sure you do this for all the files/subdir as there could be some core subdirectorys there

if all starts well then try the following command to have a taste of what the system send you back.

# smbstatus

#smbclient --message Hello XP 'your xp ip address'

if needed adapt/open with caution! the firewall for port 139 or 445

If all is well you shoulds now see a message "Hello XP" on your XP.

I will stop here but if you do/adapt the above to your env , and if if your are still stuck tell us what is or seems wrong we will try to pick it up from there

Jean-Pierre Huc
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Re: Print server issue

Hi Mazz,

you may configure Samba (smb.conf) using a browser from any other machine in your network.

You have to install on your RH server the package "samba swat" and access the web interface available on port 901 (http://your.rh.server:901)

Swat documentation ==>

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Re: Print server issue

Thanks all, esp HUC.
I am sorry but I am working on some other issues, will let you know within next 75 hours.

Thanks n Regards