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Printing Problem

Mike Ingram_1
Frequent Advisor

Printing Problem


I am experiencing intermittent problems printing from a 5.1A Tru64 cluster,
via a windows (Win 2000) print server.
Often a print job fails, reporting it cannot connect to the print server,
but after a retry it goes through okay.
I'm looking for help in two areas, if anyone can help -
Firstly, what could be causing the problem?
Secondly, how can I reduce the retry period from the current 80 seconds
(approximately) to a lower value of say 30 seconds?

Many thanks,


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Printing Problem

Try to find out how the connection is stablished when you can and cannot print. Maybe, the print server (or a firewall) refuses the connection from one node. Maybe, you need to add something to the clua_services (out_alias), so the connection is started with the cluster alias IP. I don't know how the connection is done (SMB, TCP, LPR).
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