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Problems after migrating NIS-Domain

Günther Pott
Occasional Visitor

Problems after migrating NIS-Domain

We are moving our NIS master server from an old HP-UX 11.00 server to a new HP-UX 11.23 server.
All other servers have locale NIS slave servers and local NIS clients.

First everything was looking OK, but then we noticed that we could not distribute any changes to the NIS-clients.

These are the changes i did on the new nis master "adm":

I changed the home-directory of the user "fwtest" from /users/l143/wille to /users/admin/wille:
# cat /etc/passwd | grep fwtest

I created a new user "fwtst":
# cat /etc/passwd | grep fwtst

I created a new group and made user "wille" a member of this group
# cat /etc/group | grep nistest

Some HP-UX Client ( e.G. for2) don´t recognize these changes:

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :cd ~fwtest
newcd[2]: /users/l143/fwtest: not found

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :su - fwtst
su: Unknown id: fwtst

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :id
uid=455(wille) gid=100(kdt) groups=348(cs_sa),480(rusers),998(),70(gei),406(infosys),43(httpd),77(opcgrp),329(web)

But when I look at the NIS maps at the client "for2" , all information seems to be ok:

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :ypcat passwd | grep fwtest

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :ypcat passwd | grep fwtst

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :ypcat group | grep nistest

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :ypwhich -m
passwd.byname adm3
ypservers adm3
servi.bynp adm3
auto.master adm3
group.bygid adm3
publickey.byname adm3
services.byname adm3
rpc.bynumber adm3
protocols.bynumber adm3
protocols.byname adm3
passwd.byuid adm3
netid.byname adm3
networks.byname adm3
networks.byaddr adm3
netgroup.byuser adm3
netgroup.byhost adm3
rpc.byname adm3
hosts.byname adm3
hosts.byaddr adm3
group.byname adm3
netgroup adm3

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :nsquery passwd fwtst

Using "compat" for the passwd policy.

Searching compat for fwtst
User name: fwtst
User Id: 734
Group Id: 50
Gecos: Testuser,,2974,,90
Home Directory: /users/h01/fwtst
Shell: /bin/sh

Switch configuration: Terminates Search

for2 wille:/users/h01/wille :nsquery group nistest

Using "compat" for the group policy.

Searching compat for nistest
Group name: nistest
Group Id: 998
Group membership: wille
Switch configuration: Terminates Search

Seems to be a problem of the NIS-Client process or the user look up
This problem is on all older HP-UX NIS-Client-Server including HP-UX version 11.00 , 11.11 and 11.23
Newer HP-UX 11.23 Server ( about 1 year old ) and all Red Hat EL3 and EL4 Servers don´t have this problem.

I booted one HP-UX 11.00 System. After booting, everything was OK.
Because we cannot boot all our systems, I want to know what process needs to be restarted to fix this problem.
Günther Pott
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems after migrating NIS-Domain


restart of the pwgrd daemon seems to fix the problem:

/sbin/init.d/pwgr stop
/sbin/init.d/pwgr start