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Problems with APA

Carme Torca
Super Advisor

Problems with APA


I have reboot one server that has APA configured.
When I up the lan900 interface it shows me:

#/sbin/init.d/hplm start
/sbin/init.d/hplm started.
Reading ASCII file /etc/lanmon/lanconfig.ascii
ERROR: Ports 2 and 5 can not be aggregated in one failover group, they are not compatible
Creating Fail-Over Group lan901
Creating Fail-Over Group lan902
Updated binary file /etc/lanmon/lanconfig
/sbin/init.d/hplm Completed successfully.

And the server only ups the lan5.
I have look the interface and they are configured with:

#lanadmin -x 2
Speed = 1000 Full-Duplex.
Autonegotiation = On.

#lanadmin -x 5
Speed = 100 Full-Duplex.
Autonegotiation = On.

Could it be the problem?

Thanks a lot of!
Users are not too bad ;-)
Ludovic Derlyn
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Problems with APA


speed are different

lan 2 speed=1000 full duplex
lan5 speed =100

Autonegociation=on , switch to off and force speed twice cards at 100

Carme Torca
Super Advisor

Re: Problems with APA

Users are not too bad ;-)