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RPC Program not resisted

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RPC Program not resisted

Hi Experts,

I have one HPUNIX, Box, when the Application user try to logging to this server they getting error "You could not be verified as valid user on any of the server in you server list ARERR (90) Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System sever: Server Name :RPC Program not resisted"

Anybody help me to srot out this issue.

Thanks in advance

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Re: RPC Program not resisted

Please find the ouptout also

# rpcinfo -p
program vers proto port
100000 2 tcp 111 portmapper
100000 2 udp 111 portmapper
100024 1 udp 982 status
100024 1 tcp 984 status
100021 1 tcp 988 nlockmgr
100021 1 udp 1030 nlockmgr
100021 3 tcp 992 nlockmgr
100021 3 udp 1031 nlockmgr
100020 1 udp 1032 llockmgr
100020 1 tcp 997 llockmgr
100021 2 tcp 1000 nlockmgr
100068 2 udp 1035
100068 3 udp 1035
100068 4 udp 1035
100068 5 udp 1035
100083 1 tcp 1036
805306352 1 tcp 774
390604 1 tcp 813
390604 2 tcp 813
390601 1 tcp 838
390601 2 tcp 838
390601 3 tcp 838
390601 4 tcp 838
390601 5 tcp 838
100005 1 udp 862 mountd
100005 1 tcp 864 mountd
100003 2 udp 2049 nfs
390113 1 tcp 7937
100007 2 tcp 1060 ypbind
100007 2 udp 1263 ypbind
100007 1 tcp 1060 ypbind
100007 1 udp 1263 ypbind
100029 1 udp 829 keyserv
# cat /etc/services

tcpmux 1/tcp # TCP port multiplexer (RFC 1078)
echo 7/tcp # Echo
echo 7/udp #
discard 9/tcp sink null # Discard
discard 9/udp sink null #
systat 11/tcp users # Active Users
daytime 13/tcp # Daytime
daytime 13/udp #
qotd 17/tcp quote # Quote of the Day
chargen 19/tcp ttytst source # Character Generator
chargen 19/udp ttytst source #
ftp-data 20/tcp # File Transfer Protocol (Data)
ftp 21/tcp # File Transfer Protocol (Control)
telnet 23/tcp # Virtual Terminal Protocol
smtp 25/tcp # Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
time 37/tcp timeserver # Time
time 37/udp timeserver #
rlp 39/udp resource # Resource Location Protocol
whois 43/tcp nicname # Who Is
domain 53/tcp nameserver # Domain Name Service
domain 53/udp nameserver #
bootps 67/udp # Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc 68/udp # Bootstrap Protocol Client
tftp 69/udp # Trivial File Transfer Protocol
rje 77/tcp netrjs # private RJE Service
finger 79/tcp # Finger
http 80/tcp www # World Wide Web HTTP
http 80/udp www # World Wide Web HTTP
link 87/tcp ttylink # private terminal link
supdup 95/tcp #
hostnames 101/tcp hostname # NIC Host Name Server
tsap 102/tcp iso_tsap iso-tsap # ISO TSAP (part of ISODE)
pop 109/tcp postoffice pop2 # Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop3 110/tcp pop-3 # Post Office Protocol - Version 3
portmap 111/tcp sunrpc # SUN Remote Procedure Call
portmap 111/udp sunrpc #
auth 113/tcp authentication # Authentication Service
sftp 115/tcp # Simple File Transfer Protocol
uucp-path 117/tcp # UUCP Path Service
nntp 119/tcp readnews untp # Network News Transfer Protocol
ntp 123/udp # Network Time Protocol
netbios_ns 137/tcp # NetBIOS Name Service
netbios_ns 137/udp #
netbios_dgm 138/tcp # NetBIOS Datagram Service
netbios_dgm 138/udp #
netbios_ssn 139/tcp # NetBIOS Session Service
netbios_ssn 139/udp #
bftp 152/tcp # Background File Transfer Protocol
snmp 161/udp snmpd # Simple Network Management Protocol Agent
snmp-trap 162/udp trapd # Simple Network Management Protocol Traps
bgp 179/tcp # Border Gateway Protocol
# PV performance tool services entries
pvserver 382/tcp # PV server
pvalarm 383/tcp # PV alarm management
# UNIX services
biff 512/udp comsat # mail notification
exec 512/tcp # remote execution, passwd required
login 513/tcp # remote login
who 513/udp whod # remote who and uptime
shell 514/tcp cmd # remote command, no passwd used
syslog 514/udp # remote system logging
printer 515/tcp spooler # remote print spooling
talk 517/udp # conversation
ntalk 518/udp # new talk, conversation
route 520/udp router routed # routing information protocol
efs 520/tcp # Extended file name server
timed 525/udp timeserver # remote clock synchronization
tempo 526/tcp newdate #
courier 530/tcp rpc #
conference 531/tcp chat #
netnews 532/tcp readnews #
netwall 533/udp # Emergency broadcasting
uucp 540/tcp uucpd # uucp daemon
remotefs 556/tcp rfs_server rfs # Brunhoff remote filesystem
ingreslock 1524/tcp #
# Other HP-UX services
lansrm 570/udp # SRM/UX Server
DAServer 987/tcp # SQL distributed access
instl_boots 1067/udp # installation bootstrap protocol server
instl_bootc 1068/udp # installation bootstrap protocol client
nfsd-keepalive 1110/udp # Client status info
nfsd-status 1110/tcp # Cluster status info
msql 1111/tcp # Mini SQL database server
rlb 1260/tcp # remote loopback diagnostic
clvm-cfg 1476/tcp # HA LVM configuration
diagmond 1508/tcp # Diagnostic System Manager
nft 1536/tcp # NS network file transfer
sna-cs 1553/tcp # SNAplus client/server
sna-cs 1553/udp # SNAplus client/server
ncpm-pm 1591/udp # NCPM Policy Manager
ncpm-hip 1683/udp # NCPM Host Information Provider
cvmon 1686/udp # Clusterview cvmon-cvmap communication
pmlockd 1889/tcp # SynerVision locking daemon
pmlockd 1889/udp #
nfsd 2049/udp # NFS remote file system
netdist 2106/tcp # update(1m) network distribution service
rfa 4672/tcp # NS remote file access
veesm 4789/tcp # HP VEE service manager
hacl-hb 5300/tcp # High Availability (HA) Cluster heartbeat
hacl-gs 5301/tcp # HA Cluster General Services
hacl-cfg 5302/tcp # HA Cluster TCP configuration
hacl-cfg 5302/udp # HA Cluster UDP configuration
hacl-probe 5303/tcp # HA Cluster TCP probe
hacl-probe 5303/udp # HA Cluster UDP probe
hacl-local 5304/tcp # HA Cluster Commands
hacl-test 5305/tcp # HA Cluster Test
hacl-dlm 5408/tcp # HA Cluster distributed lock manager
lanmgrx.osB 5696/tcp # LAN Manager/X for B.00.00 OfficeShare
r4-sna-cs 5707/tcp # SNA client/server (up to Release 4.1)
SNAplus 5708/udp # SNA logical network A (up to Release 4.1)
r4-sna-ft 5709/tcp # SNA file transfer (up to Release 4.1)
hcserver 5710/tcp # HP Cooperative Services
grmd 5999/tcp # graphics resource manager
spc 6111/tcp # sub-process control
desmevt 6868/tcp # DE/ Services Monitor, Event Service
pdclientd 6874/tcp # Palladium print client daemon
pdeventd 6875/tcp # Palladium print event daemon
iasqlsvr 7489/tcp # Information Access
recserv 7815/tcp # SharedX Receiver Service
ftp-ftam 8868/tcp # FTP->FTAM Gateway
mcsemon 9999/tcp # MC/System Environment monitor
console 10000/tcp # MC/System Environmentconsole multiplexor
actcp 31766/tcp # ACT Call Processing Server
# Kerberos (Project Athena/MIT) services
kerberos5 88/udp kdc # Kerberos 5 kdc
klogin 543/tcp # Kerberos rlogin -kfall
kshell 544/tcp krcmd # Kerberos remote shell -kfall
ekshell 545/tcp krcmd # Kerberos encrypted remote shell -kfall
kerberos 750/udp kdc # Kerberos (server) udp -kfall
kerberos 750/tcp kdc # Kerberos (server) tcp -kfall
kerberos_master 751/tcp kadmin # Kerberos kadmin
krbupdate 760/tcp kreg # Kerberos registration -kfall
kpasswd 761/tcp kpwd # Kerberos "passwd" -kfall
eklogin 2105/tcp # Kerberos encrypted rlogin -kfall
# The X10_LI server for each display listens on ports 5800 + display number.
# The X10_MI server for each display listens on ports 5900 + display number.
# The X11 server for each display listens on ports 6000 + display number.
# The X11 font server listens on port 7000.
# Do NOT associate other services with these ports.
# Refer to the X documentation for details.
dtspc 6112/tcp #subprocess control
drive 22747/tcp # Driving simulator
drivequery 22748/udp # Driving simulator server search

Honored Contributor

Re: RPC Program not resisted

The error message looks like it might be produced by the Remedy/BMC Action Request System, known as ARS.

> when the Application user try to logging to this server...

Logging in how?

Is the user using the ARS client program on his/her workstation? In that case, you should verify how your ARS server is configured to communicate over the network, and make sure that the user's client uses compatible settings.

Or is the user trying to login to the standard HP-UX command line (using ssh, remsh, telnet or something similar) or to HP-UX's CDE desktop session (e.g. using ReflectionX)? In this case, it seems like the user's login scripts have been customized to start the ARS client directly.

> "You could not be verified as valid user on any of the server in you server list"

This indicates the ARS client apparently should have some sort of list of ARS servers.

> "ARERR (90) Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System sever:"

This is the problem: the ARS client cannot connect to the ARS server. If the client cannot even connect, there is no chance to authenticate.

> "Server Name :"
It's trying to tell you the name of the server it attempted to connect to...

> "RPC Program not resisted"

... but even that fails. (By the way, the message should probably be "RPC: Program not registered".)

So far, this seems to be strictly an ARS application configuration problem. Perhaps the user is trying to run the ARS client with an empty server list???

The "RPC: Program not registered" message is typical to programs using SunRPC (aka ONC RPC) services: these services are never listed in /etc/services, as their port numbers may be dynamically-assigned.

Your "rpcinfo -p" listing indicates this server has multiple SunRPC services that don't have a human-readable name assigned: the system uses program numbers instead of names, but names are more comfortable for humans. The map between RPC program numbers and names is in file /etc/rpc.