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RPM configuration

Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor

RPM configuration

Dear All

I want to do thing related to installing my RPMs, i want to make a cashing server that take the RPMs from RHN site and then from it i need to install my RPMs on the servers , how can i configure my server and client to do this process, another thing how can i make a server an ftp server with anonymous login ( from where can i get the password for this user ).kindly details for these issues
Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: RPM configuration

Latest distributions use yum.
read the info in this link:

as for anonymous ftp user:
if you install vsftpd the anonymous user is enabled by default (anonymous_enable=YES).
You don't need to know the password. Every string will fit, although many times the string must be in the form of e-mail (vip@domain.com will also work).
Court Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: RPM configuration

My thoughts.

1. setup a server for the updates.

2. create a directory to sore the rpms. For example /rhn/updates. Make sure you have plenty of space to hold the updates.

3. run the following:

# up2date --showall | xargs up2date -k /rhn/updates --get

This will download updates from rhn and place them in /var/spool/up2date.

4. move the updates to /rhn/updates:

# find /var/spool/up2date -type f -iname '*.rpm' -exec mv {} /rhn/updates \;

2. setup NFS on the server and export /rhn/updates.

3. mount the nfs directory on your other machines, cd to the directory, then run

# rpm -Fvh --aid *.rpm

This will upgrade any installed packages and install their dependencies.

Once you have the hang of it, this could all be scripted and run via cron.
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Honored Contributor

Re: RPM configuration

I think mrepo (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/mrepo/) is designed to provide this functionality.
Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor

Re: RPM configuration

it is a good idea to use NFS , but i want to configure it as ftp server how can i do this to get prms fro it .