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Regarding HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba)


Regarding HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba)


We have HP-UX 11i V1 OS running on HP PA-RISC server. We have got one requirement that we need to access the Windows Server File Share i.e. windows shared directory from HP-UX server. I know we can use HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba). If someone please can tell me the detail steps how to configure the HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba)... Is there any Windows Authentication is require to access that shared directory?




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Re: Regarding HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba)

The HP-UX CIFS-Server (Samba) is meant for sharing HP-UX directories to Windows systems, so if you want to access Windows fileshares, it's not the right tool for you.


What you want is the HP-UX CIFS-Client.

The documentation for the CIFS-Client is available at:


Find the version of the CIFS-Client Administrator's Guide that matches your CIFS-Client version, and read it. The step-by-step configuration instructions are in Chapter 2.


> Is there any Windows Authentication is require to access that shared directory?


That depends on the configuration of the Windows server, but generally, yes.


However, you can store the required username & password to the CIFS-Client's database file, so that HP-UX users can later access the Windows share without specifying (or even without knowing) the password. Of course, it might be a good idea to ask the Windows administrators to create a special Windows user for this purpose, and make sure it has only the required permissions on the Windows servers and nothing more.