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Reserved space

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Reserved space

After I mirrored the whole root disk with volencap and volreconfig command.I found that there wasn't the "Reserved space" in the the "swapon -s " output. I remember I can see it before I mirror the disk ,but why it disappeared?
# swapon -s
Swap partition /dev/vol/rootdg/swapvol:
Allocated space: 524160 pages (4095MB)
In-use space: 1 pages ( 0%)
Free space: 524159 pages ( 99%)

Total swap allocation:
Allocated space: 524160 pages (4095MB)
In-use space: 1 pages ( 0%)
Available space: 524159 pages ( 99%)
Victor Semaska_3
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Reserved space


Sounds like immediate (eager) mode got disabled. For V5 check with

# sysconfig -q vm | grep swap_eager

Should be set to 1.

For V4 check to see if soft link /sbin/swapdefault exists.

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Reserved space

Probably sombebody changed the system parameter and its activated at reboot.
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