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Resource usage

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Resource usage

I usually use "top" command to check the resource usage , it is very good and simple method to know the status ( loading , CPU , memory usage ), but we have many servers so we can't check the servers frequently , so we can't find the problem before the problem happens

can advise any method / script that I can implement to send us a alert mail if the resource usage reach a specific level , for example , if the CPU usage reach 90% , then send us a alert mail , what can i do ? thx
Kapil Jha
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Re: Resource usage

ohhhh......that means you have many servs and does not have any monitoring software,
its actually a sure recipe of disaster, if servers have critical services running.

You can write scripts, to get the data from all the servers and get it on one server and then send it as a mail after every 15/30mnts whatever suits u.

You can also write scripts to get various parameter run time and send a mail to your ID.

output from vmstat 5 5 (2nd line onwards).
bdf, would be helpful to get various data.

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Re: Resource usage

Pay $$ for HP Openview...
or, Free monitor software:
Viktor Balogh
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Re: Resource usage


yes, I would also recommend nagios, here are some sources to get started. This way you shouldn't need to write those check plugins yourself.
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Re: Resource usage

1) There are many scripts availabe @ HP forum itself, you may need to do slight change as per your need.

2) many freeware s/w are availbe on net, use at your own risk,