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Right way to force PCXAL keyboard in Tru64 ?

Michael BUTOW
Frequent Advisor

Right way to force PCXAL keyboard in Tru64 ?

Hello all,

I have a small keyboard mapping problem on a system of Alpha DS10 machines connected via a KVM switch. All are running Tru64 5.1B+PK3.

On the SRM console of all machines, the kbd_hardware_type is set to PCXAL, matching the physical keyboard.

However, when booted (using mwm, no CDE), the keyboard mapping is incorrect, as experienced by many keys not working, issuing different symbols etc.

Running "xkbdfltmap -noexec" returned a string containing "-m lk411", which would suggest that the OS thinks it's dealing with a type LK411 keyboard, instead of PCXAL. The OS has support for both installed (subsets OSFKBDLK411540 and OSFKBDPCXAL540).

I found I could fix the keyboard mapping temporarily using the command

/usr/bin/X11/xkbcomp -R/usr/lib/X11/xkb -m pcxal keymap/digital_us -o :0.0

Though I searched quite a few places, I still have these questions:
1. what is causing the incorrect mapping (we have many similar systems which do not exhibit this problem)
2. what is right place to configure this setting to make it persistent?

Hoping for advice,