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Rsync Config question

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Rsync Config question

I am setting up rsync to go between two servers and to keep two directories and subdirectories in sync, is there a switch so that it works both ways? or do i need to run it from both servers?

this is on a blade server running hpux 11vi3.



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Re: Rsync Config question



There is no native way to run bidirectional transfer with rsync.


Your options are:


a) Run two separate rsync processes (one for each direction).


b) Use Unison (if there is a prot for HP-UX, or try to

compile it yourself).


c) Use GPL-based Bsync.


Bsync is a bidirectional file synchronization tool, using rsync for transfers.

Bsync is an alternative to Unison, written in Python 3.




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