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SAM lvm newbie question

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SAM lvm newbie question

Just a quickie, I have tried searching the site but for some reason I am returning NOTHING: searched for basic stuff like "sendmail" and "lvm". So I apologize for this question but until I figure out if my recent install of netscape 6 browser is DOA or if the site is just hostile to me for now...

Anyway, after creating a new vg and moving forward to a new lvol, the sam interface asks for the mount dir. Help says the mount point will be unavailable during the lvol creation.

I just want a new vg03/lvol9/newdir

Sooo...using the sam interface in the mount point textbox I would put in /newdir and that's it, right?

Steffi Jones_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SAM lvm newbie question

Hi Doug,

every lvol needs eventually a mount point.

You can do the following steps easily from the command line if you are already at the point where the vg is created.

#lvcreate -l /dev/vg<..>

That will create the new lvol in your new vg.

Then you need to put a filesystem on it with

#newfs -F /dev/vg.../lvol...

Then if you want to mount it you need to know the mountpoint and usually you create a new dir for it.


The mount happens with the following syntax

#mount /dev/vg.../lvol... /

The only thing left is an entry in /etc/fstab to have the lvol mounted during bootup. See the syntax for the other lines in there.

Of course sam will do all this for you. You just have to answer some questions like desired mountpoint. The mountpoint can't be a filesystem which is in use, because that would make data unaccessable to you.

Hope that helps a bit,

Steffi Jones
Haitham Hamad
Regular Advisor

Re: SAM lvm newbie question

Just put /newdir and it will create the directory under root /. You can essentially have the mount point from any directory. If the directory is already there, LVM will use it as the mount point but you will not be able to see any files under it if they already existed before the dir being used as a mount point. Unmounting the file system will show those files again, so be carefull in selecting the mount point.

bdf will show then show

Filesystem kbytes used avail %used Mounted on
/dev/vg03/lvol9 X X X /newdir

To move to the directory just cd to it.

Hope this helps
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: SAM lvm newbie question

Hi Doug:

Just an aside. The SEARCH mechanism on this site intermittantly does *NOT* work. There is no need to apologize. The people that need to apologize are the ones who need to fix it! We have had nothing but performance problems since last November (2000), and are losing contributers and visitors. PLEASE ask your questions as you need to.


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Re: SAM lvm newbie question