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SSH Emulator

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SSH Emulator

Hey guys,

Anyone know of a easily customizable SSH emulator? Would need to be able to customize key mapping. Putty is nice, but would like something a bit more "user friendly"...aka...dummy proof ha. Thanks
Raj D.
Honored Contributor

Re: SSH Emulator

Have you tried Secure CRT , this is nice and many features including key mapping and tab open etc,

Check this out:

> bit more "user friendly"L
- Check out: Secure CRT

Download Secure CRT:

" If u think u can , If u think u cannot , - You are always Right . "
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: SSH Emulator

> Anyone know of a easily customizable SSH
> emulator? [...]

Are you looking for an "SSH emulator" or for
an SSH-capable _terminal_ emulator? And for
which OS? (So, is this an HP-UX question?)
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: SSH Emulator

SecureCRT, TeraTerm, vt320, QCTerm, Xterm, HPterm, DTterm, Reflection for Unix, Reflection for HP, Extra!, SecureNet Term, Rumba, EM340, Persoft, Hyperterminal, and the list goes on...

Free emulators: PuTTY, QCTerm (the only free HP emulator), TeraTerm, PowerVT, vt320, Hyperterminal (there might be a few others). The rest are commercial products. Note that not all support SSH: caveat emptor.

Customizable? All of them are customizable but key mapping varies widely. User friendly? Depends on the user. After all, unless you are sitting in front of a Teletype ASR35 or an ADM3a (Lear Siegler), there are plenty of menus to setup. There is no need to map ASCII -- all the displayable characters are the same (see man ascii on your system). But if you are talking about non-ASCII keys such as those on a PC like the arrows and Page Up, etc, now you are mixing up three different technologies: HP-UX (and Unix in general), a Windows operating system and a program that connects the two systems together.

PuTTY is quite capable and very convenient to use but configuration can be confusing. There several config managers that make it easier to have different connections immediately available. PuTTY Connection Manager can launch several sessions at the same time in a single window with tabs or multiple connections in one window.

QCTerm (ACIS Research) is the only free HP terminal emulator which will display the complete menu navigation for swinstall, sam and Glance. It has limited configuration controls and no key mapping. Reflection for HP (not to be confused with Reflection/X or Reflection for the Web or Reflection for Unix) is by far the best HP terminal emulator, but very costly ( It has vast configuration menus including complete key mapping. It also has a complete macro programming system for automated terminal-based tasks. Actively supported with ongoing enhancements.

SecureCRT ( is less costly than Reflection, vt100/ANSI/Wyse and Linux console (no HP) and new versions have multi-tab capability (one window, many connections) and plenty of mapping capabilities. It seems to be actively supported and enhanced.

SecureNet Term is less expensive but a few years ago, I found support quite difficult and it did not play well with non-Admin Windows user privileges. I see that it has changed owners so that limitation may no longer exist.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin