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Re: Server Performance

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Server Performance

One of my server having different performance in different time. Is there any load testing tool that I can use to benchmark the server. Mainly i am interested in disk activity.
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Re: Server Performance

The server is rx7460 and OS in HPUX 11.31
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Re: Server Performance

Have you looked at glance or iostat(1)?
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Re: Server Performance

I am not looking for a monitoring tool. I need something that will generate load on the system and i will monitor that using glance or may be that will also do reporting.

Re: Server Performance

IOzone is relatively straightforward to compile on HP-UX:

You could also try vdt:

I don't know if bonnie++ has ever been ported to HP-UX, but you could try that:

If you want to generate an "Oracle database" type load you could use ORION:

Or just learn how to play with dd (although you can realistically only generate sequential IO load with dd)

In all cases the trick with these tools is usually understanding and interpreting the results - the bottlenecks often aren't where you think they are...



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