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Software install question

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Software install question

I have installed 0609 rel of 11.23 on my server.
It installed the ignite version say x.x.x
I had reinstalled the higher verion of ignite on this box some time ago,
i need to revert it back to the original do i do that?
i have the same os media with me which i used for install
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Re: Software install question

Hello Navin,

Its always good to remove and install the Ignite-UX.
So If you've got the Install Media, I would say to remove the higher version of the Ignite and install the later one.

Before removing the Ignite-UX keep the Configuration files and Index file backup.

Once Ignite-UX is installed you can copy the index file to have the same configuration with you.

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Re: Software install question

(this will take you to interactive remove)

select Ignite
goto Actions and select Remove

then you install the one you want
Sajjad Sahir
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Re: Software install question

Dear nanvin

remove the installed one by using swremove and install the latest one.

thanks and regards

Sajjad Sahir
sujit kumar singh
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Re: Software install question


before deinstall of higher version and install of lower version of ignite, browse your ignite as well as the /opt/ignite folders, look out for what u need to take backup.

backup the /var/opt/ignite/INDEX as well.

Ensure that the Client images that you have taken are properly placed.

According to the Ignite-UX FAQ guide as well as the install and update guide at Moving to an earlier version of Ignite-UX
page 6-7 of the document at
please note that while downgrading remove the older version and reinstall the new version

If you have installed a newer version of Ignite-UX and then wish to revert to a previous version of Ignite-UX, you should remove Ignite-UX completely from the system and install the version you wish to have. If the system being downgraded is the Ignite-UX server, removing Ignite-UX and installing it again will not remove any per-client information. Note, however, that if you have modified any files
2 For example, using the HP-UX 11i v2 September 2004 OE or later requires you to use Ignite-UX version C.6.0.x or later on your Ignite-UX server. Using VxVM 4.1 on clients requires you to run at least Ignite-UX version C.6.3.x.
delivered by Ignite-UX, you will lose those changes when you install a different version. (Ignite-UX preserves install file system customizations when upgrading versions.)
Ignite-UX allows backward compatibility of network recovery archives (network recovery archives created with an older version of Ignite-UX can be recovered with a newer version), but does not provide any guarantee that a network recovery archive created with a newer version of Ignite-UX can be recovered with an older version of Ignite-UX. Be very careful of this if you move to an earlier version of Ignite-UX.

i would hence suggest you to take the back up of the config files of /var/opt/ and /etc/opt still and take an ignite backup of the ignite server itself before the task.

Client configs are backed up while upgrade but lost while deinstalling and installing another version.

So be careful.