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Steps to extend a filesystem

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Jonathan Grymes
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Steps to extend a filesystem

Please provide steps to extend logical volume and file system from 8GB to 15GB. I do not have online JFS.

The system is HPUX 11.31 rx2660 itanium.


/dev/vg01/gexvar   8388608 8301364   83091   99% /gex/var





Patrick Wallek
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Re: Steps to extend a filesystem

Unmount the file system:

# umount /gex/var


If it won't umount because it is busy, then you will have to stop all processes accessing the file system and then umount it.  


To see all processes accessing it:

# fuser -cu /gex/var


Once all processes have been killed / stopped, then umount again:

# umount /gex/var


Once it has been unmounted --


Extend the LV:

# lvextend -L 15360 /dev/vg01/gexvar


Extend the file system:

# extendfs /dev/vg01/rgexvar


Remount it:

# mount /gex/var


Verify new size:

# bdf /gex/var


Restart any applications / processes that use the file system.

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Re: Steps to extend a filesystem

There are many ways to extend to do this.


1. unmount the Filesystem and extend .

2. Boot system into single user mode and extend.