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System performance

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System performance

HP-UX box becomes slow once connected to a SAN

Can anyone let me know the troubleshooting steps that can be performed, I am not facing this issue but wanted to know how to go about it???
R.K. #
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Re: System performance

Hi Jijesh,

Lots and lots of things to be taken care of here.
Ask yourself following questions:

- For initial troubleshooting check if the problem started after making installing/changing any software/hw etc.
- Does the server works slow only when connected to SAN?
- If the problem occurs with some specific file sys
- Any messages in syslog.log or dmesg?
- Switch speed settings? FC Card speed settings?
- How is network connectivity?

etc etc to start with
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Michael Steele_2
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Re: System performance


Performance issues between server and SAN usually fall into either a disk bottleneck or multi pathing.

a) are you using any kind of multipathing application like EMC Pathfinder or something native to the O/S like pvlinks?

b) Check for disk bottleneck with 'sar -d 5 5' command. When 'avwait' > 'avserv' then that disk is bottlenecked.

There's more to this, so lets just start here with answers to these questions first.
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Emil Velez
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Re: System performance

Go into glance and look at what processes are running and look at CPU utilization and global wait states (wait state is what is the system waiting on when it is not running a process)