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Tru64 Unix server switch

Occasional Contributor

Tru64 Unix server switch


We have 2 GS160 Alpha Server on Tru64 Unix v5.1A configured as a 2 node cluster. Storage served from a pair os HSG80. Severs and storage are SAN attached. As part of consolidation we need to reloacte a prod application from one of member on to standalone ES80 using the existing HSG80 and decommission one of the server

Suggestion on what would be a best option for a server switch.

thanks in advance

Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 Unix server switch

I do not understand the question.
Can you provide more details?
What application? Database?
About disks on HSG80, it is very easy to depresent a disk and present it to another host.
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
Danny Petterson - DK
Trusted Contributor

Re: Tru64 Unix server switch


Dare I ask - why not just add the ES80 to the cluster, and dont allow the application/relevant disks, to run on any other member of the cluster? It will take allmost no time.