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Tuning kernel paramters

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Tuning kernel paramters

hi Experts

i need to tune kernel parameters in hp ux. below paramters are hexadecimal format so,i have converted to decimal format and i applied the value, but it giving syntax error . kindly help me.

maxdsiz 0x90000000 to 150994944
maxtsiz 0x40000000 to 67108864
shmmax 0x40000000 to 67108864

SAM -> Kernel Configuration -> Tunable -> Modify (shmmax)
Tunable shmmax
Description Maximum size of a shared memory segment (bytes)
Dynamic yes
Subsystem sysv_shm
Default Value 0x40000000
Current Value 0x40000000
Planned Value 0x40000000
Last Boot Value 0x40000000
Constraints shmmax >= 0x800
Constraints shmmax <= 0x40000000000
Auto Tuning Not Supported

Enter Value/Expression OR q(quit) = 67108864
/usr/sam/tui/kc/[50]: syntax error on line 1, /var/sam/sessiondirs/root/AAAa04842/kctmp2.4869: Syntax error

Do you want to hold this change till next boot ? (y/n/q)[y] =

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Tuning kernel paramters


First, your conversion to decimal is wrong:

0x90000000 => 2415919104

0x40000000 => 1073741824

Why not specify what you want in hexadecimal, anyway?


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Re: Tuning kernel paramters

Thanks James.
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Re: Tuning kernel paramters

i got the solution.

Re: Tuning kernel paramters

>I have converted to decimal format

You can use ksh to do that: (sh only handles 32 bit ints)
typeset -i10 x=16#90000000; echo $x

I'm still not sure why you got a syntax error.