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Unable to interpret the timestamp of a file

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Unable to interpret the timestamp of a file

Hello Friends.



I am getting following error when Verifying the patch PHCO_40072 

It gives the error that one of the file  /usr/lib/security/hpux32/ has wrong mtime and should be corrected,How can i set mtime = 1251040080 for the file  /usr/lib/security/hpux32/ as i am unable to interpret 1251040080 in date format.Appreciate your comments..Thanks


#swjob -a log PPCBTS01-0072 @ PPCBTS01:/
=======  01/11/13 14:00:37 EAT  BEGIN verify AGENT SESSION (pid=9434)

       * Agent session started for user "root@PPCBTS01". (pid=9434)

       * Beginning Analysis Phase.
       * Target:           PPCBTS01:/
       * Target logfile:   PPCBTS01:/var/adm/sw/swagent.log
       * Reading source for file information.
       *     Configured    PHCO_40072.CORE-64SLIB,l=/,r=1.0
       *     Configured    PHCO_40072.CORE-ENG-A-MAN,l=/,r=1.0
       *     Configured    PHCO_40072.CORE-SHLIBS,l=/,r=1.0
       *     Configured    PHCO_40072.CORE2-64SLIB,l=/,r=1.0
       *     Configured    PHCO_40072.CORE2-SHLIBS,l=/,r=1.0
ERROR:   File "/usr/lib/security/hpux32/" should have
         mtime "1250998997" but the actual mtime is "1251040080".
ERROR:   Fileset "PHCO_40072.CORE2-SHLIBS,l=/,r=1.0" had file errors.

       * Summary of Analysis Phase:
             Verified      PHCO_40072.CORE-64SLIB,l=/,r=1.0
             Verified      PHCO_40072.CORE-ENG-A-MAN,l=/,r=1.0
             Verified      PHCO_40072.CORE-SHLIBS,l=/,r=1.0
             Verified      PHCO_40072.CORE2-64SLIB,l=/,r=1.0
ERROR:       Verify failed PHCO_40072.CORE2-SHLIBS,l=/,r=1.0
ERROR:   1 of 5 filesets had Errors.
       * 4 of 5 filesets had no Errors or Warnings.
ERROR:   The Analysis Phase had errors.  See the above output for

=======  01/11/13 14:00:39 EAT  END verify AGENT SESSION (pid=9434)


Re: Unable to interpret the timestamp of a file

You can simply use "swverify -F".

That time is of type time_t, seconds since the epoch, 1970: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:08:00 GMT

Mr google finds:

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Re: Unable to interpret the timestamp of a file

Thanks Dennis
Bill Hassell
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Re: Unable to interpret the timestamp of a file

Here'a a tip on how to encode and decode EPOC time:


perl -le "print time"   ### shows the current EPOC time

echo "0d1250998997=Y" | adb  ### decode your time stamp
         2009 Aug 22 23:43:17




Bill Hassell, sysadmin