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Upgrading unix

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Upgrading unix

i am upgrading the hp unix os from hp ux 11 to hp ux 11.11. Will there be any problem to the scripts and crontab file.As i'm going to do in production environment.



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Re: Upgrading unix

with the following with the same.

Could you please tell me whether there will be any impact on existing script and deamons
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Re: Upgrading unix



Which Type of upgrade you going for?

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Re: Upgrading unix

Ajin: note the timestamps on this thread.

Since the original question was posted in year 2008, the upgrade is probably already done. Apparently the moderators are still sorting the old ITRC Forums threads (or at least maikoro is).


But for the record: the crontab file format is unchanged between HP-UX 11.00 and 11.11.

Most scripts are probably useable as is, unless they use some commands or system features that were changed in 11.11.

Scripts related to applications and their files are very likely useable as is; scripts related to system administration, especially kernel and hardware configuration, will need careful checking.


Regarding san_helpme's question on daemons, the question is too general for a good answer (other than: "yes, there are some changes. Please read the Release Notes of HP-UX 11.11.").