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Urgent tsm retrieve query

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Urgent tsm retrieve query

Dear Guys

I need to know what option i use to restore the actual timestamp of files and directories when I retrieve it from archive backup class..

So for e.g I have backed up a filesystem with the below command

dsmc retrieve "/temp/*" -sub=yes -fol=yes -preservelastaccessdate=yes -description="CMS2800, sixth version"

In the above it backs up filesystem and its sub directories and preserve date, but how to I preserver timestamp too so when I retrieve it from archive it restores the same timestamp, at present when i retrieves it, it shows the retrieval time and not the actual time ????

Please assist ?

Super Advisor

Re: Urgent tsm retrieve query

sorry just a typo above

please read archive not retrieve in the it goes like

dsmc archive "/temp/*" -sub=yes -archsymlinkasfile=no -preservelastaccessdate=yes -description="CMS2800, fifth version"

and when I restore it I use the following command which again doesn't show the correct time stamp..and shows retrival time..

dsmc retrieve "/temp/*" -sub=yes -fol=yes -description="CMS2800, sixth version"

Please tell me how to restore original timestamp ? and not the retrieval date and time ?

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Urgent tsm retrieve query


Since 'dmsc' isn't indigenous to HP-UX, I suggest examining the documentation --- Google provides a number of hits.


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Re: Urgent tsm retrieve query

Hi Raf,

Did you find the answer to your tsm problem? I have the same issue myself.