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Use of informix offset with logical volumes

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Use of informix offset with logical volumes

I have a box with HP-UX 11i v3 64 bits.  In this box there are an Informix database instance configured with raw devices. I use LVM. The raw logical volumes are linked to informix chunks. For example, for the creation of a new chunk, I follow the next steps:

lvcreate -n lvol99 /dev/vg18

lvextend -l 476 /dev/vg18/lvol99 /dev/disk/disk265
chmod 660 /dev/vg18/rlvol99
chown informix:informix /dev/vg18/rlvol99
ln /dev/vg18/rlvol99 /dev/informix/insttec/chunkL8 (link to rlvol)

onspaces -a dbs10 -p /dev/informix/insttec/chunkL8 -o 1024 -s 1948672

I create a new lvol for each new chunk.

If someone works with informix with this configuration, is the offset necessary?. Why yes or why no?
In my case, I use offsets of 1024, but I think that it could be zero.
Please provide any clues according your expercience .

Thanks in advance