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User Shell PID.

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User Shell PID.

Hi All

OS- HPUX 11.23

Dear All,

In one of my server dozen of application process is running from one of the user called "kplustp". How to find whether these process are from same shell or not??? if its from same shell how to find the PID of that particular shell. Is that shell PID same for all the process owned by this particular user.


Kapil Jha
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Re: User Shell PID.

u can check the ppid(parent process ID).
ps -ef|grep shell
and see how many shells are there and then grep each shell id and they would show u ther process running fromt hat shell.

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Re: User Shell PID.

You can do a visual inspection of an indented hierarchical ps listing:
UNIX95=EXTENDED_PS ps -H -fu kplustp