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Using DLT Library with tar and fbackup utility

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Bernard  Bravo

Using DLT Library with tar and fbackup utility


Can any body help me with this?
I need to do it using command line utility.
Like moving the arm/tape to another slot
using a command inside a script.

thanks in advance.

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Mark van Hassel
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Re: Using DLT Library with tar and fbackup utility

Hi Bernard,

You can do this with the mc command, for example:
After you have chosen which device you want to use, then issue the following

mc -p [dev file of robot arm] -s I1 -d D1

The argument -p is the path to the device driver for the robot.
The -s is the source.
The argument to -s (I1) is the cartridge access point
The -d is the destination
The argument to the -d (D1) is the drive index.
So this example will move the cartridge from the access point into the drive at index 1.

Confirm that the cartridge is in the drive.
mc -p [ dev file] -rD

This will scan the drives, and you should see that one of them is "FULL".

After the backup, unload the dlt back to the cartridge access point
mc -p /dev/scsi/robot -s D1 (if you used index 1) -d I1

See the man page for more info.
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