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Vxfs checkpoints ?

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Vxfs checkpoints ?

Does anyone know about Vxfs storage checkpoints ?

In Vxfs 4.1 Administrators guide I find that checkpoints is included in Base Vxfs

And, in Vxfs 5.0 Administrator Guide checkpoints needs a separate license.

When I search for checkpoint license I only find links to Storage foundation for Oracle RAC.

Is there a separate license for Vxfs checkpoints ?
chris huys_4
Honored Contributor

Re: Vxfs checkpoints ?

Hi Leif,

The "HP" "OEM" equivalent of the "symantec" "storage foundation for .. " bundles are called HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suites, or "sms suites".

A sms bundle is needed to "get" storage checkpoints.

See on -> high availability -> HP SG sms

Application Use Cases for the HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite