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about the sysconfigdb command!

Regular Advisor

about the sysconfigdb command!

i used the command sysconfigdb to modified the subsystem parameters
for example:
#sysconfigdb -m -f test rt
the content of file test
aio-max-num = 2048
aio-task-max-num = 2048
aio-max-retry = 2

need i to reboot the system to have the changes take effect immediately?
can i use the command sysconfig -r?
Cortes Albertino
Trusted Contributor

Re: about the sysconfigdb command!


You could issue the following command and have a look to the provided "op" item.

# sysconfig -Q rt | more
aio-max-num - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=65535
aio-task-max-num - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=2147483647
aio-listio-max-num - type=INT op=CQ min_val=64 max_val=256
aio-max-percent - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=10
aio-max-retry - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=256
aio-retry-scale - type=INT op=CQ min_val=1 max_val=1024
aio-socket-on-off - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=1
sigqueue-max-num - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=32767
rttimer-max-num - type=INT op=CRQ min_val=32 max_val=8192
aio-percpu-data - type=INT op=CQ min_val=0 max_val=1
rtsem-nsems-max - type=INT op=CQ min_val=256 max_val=32767

If in the "op" item the "R" char is missing then you need to reboot your host in order to reconfigure the parameter value.

# sysconfig -Q inet | grep tcp_keepal
tcp_keepalive_default - type=UINT op=CRQ min_val=0 max_val=1

In this case the tcp_keepalive_default parameter could be modify and the value is updated and reconfigured without rebooting.

In your case and depending on the Tru64 release, you should probably need to reboot.

I hope this helps and clarify the behaviour.

Albertino Cortes.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: about the sysconfigdb command!

in case of doubt use the dxkerneltuner application showing the boot and current value and if it can be set during runtime.
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