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accessing shared directory on windows server

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Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

accessing shared directory on windows server

hp ux 11.23

re:Configuring and Troubleshooting MS DFS links in an HP CIFS Server (Samba) Environment

simple environment no passwords specified, the shared directory on the windows server allows all users to access it (will change when we get this working)

i configured a symbolic link linka -> msdfs:\LDIF ( is the windows server and the shared directory is LDIF)

the symbolic link exists in the unix directory /u06/ldifff

configured the smb.conf file according to the troubleshooting guide

how do i go about putting data into that directory from my unix server ?

first attempt at using samba
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: accessing shared directory on windows server


smb.conf must have correct security settings to properly integrate into a Microsoft Samba environment.

Problem you may have is DFS is an extension of Microsoft's FS which is built on top of Samba, not part of Samba's core functionality.

You also will need to have the HP-UX systems join the Microsoft domain after smb.conf is changed.

You will probably need security=domain in smb.conf

Please post yoru current security settings.

As far as actually putting data in the directory, well when it is accessible by a Windows client, you can use that to copy data. Plan on a little frustration at how fast Windows does that.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

Re: accessing shared directory on windows server

should i be able to do a cp filea linka
where linka is a symbolic link to the windows server(ln -s msdfs:\\ldif linka)

becuase what i find is happen is it's creating a file called msdfs:\ldif on my unix server in the same directory as the linka ??